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Visual C++ 2010: What’s new for MFC library?

August 29, 2010 7 comments

Some years ago I thought that MFC will be obsolete, and no new features will be added, but I was wrong, VS2008 added many features and enhancements, and with VS 2010 I discovered new improvements.

So what’s new in MFC 10? to answer to this question I tried to compare the two versions MFC 9 and MFC 10 using CppDepend.

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Refactoring:What’s the origin of bad design?

December 17, 2009 3 comments

The refactoring is defined as the process of changing a software system in such a way that it does not alter the external behavior of the code yet improves its internal structure.

Refactoring improves the quality of application design and implementation, but unfortunately the expression “If it is working don’t change” is many times used to bypass it.

We can found in general three cases concerning refactoring:
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